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Ronnie's Friend Trike

Ronnies Friend Trike Just published in 2016, "Ronnie's Friend Trike" tells of an independent and imaginative boy, Ronnie, who overcomes relative poverty with a recycled tricycle which takes him and his best friend Michael on both real and imagined adventures. By the end of the story, the jeers and teasing of his peers have given way to curiosity, envy, and friendship because of what Ronnie does with Trike. Along the way Ronnie and Michael have been garbage truck drivers and circus train managers, as well as rescuers of both Mr. Teddy Bear and a real live cat, and they have even ventured into the African jungle. Itís what you do with what you have, especially with a good imagination, confidence, and a certain amount of independence!

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Rocking out to Sea

Rocking out to Sea cover Published in 2013, "Rocking out to Sea" is the story of Laddie, a young boy, who travels not only around his native Maine, but to exotic places, all through the power of his imagination. He trolls for mackerel, visits islands, and even meets anime characters. Laddie longs to share his great adventures in the Rocking Boat. Who can he share them with? A friend? His sibling? A dog? The search is on, but the perfect companion for his travels might surprise you. This book is unique in that it is a Calendar Style Book which you read like you would a calendar.

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Rave Reviews!!

Recent Rocking out to Sea reviews. Some of them are printed below.

bullet "This book certainly captures the spirit of imagination that the original Rocking Boat inspires. Children will enjoy Laddie's adventures and be able to pictdure their own adventures aboard the Rocking Boat." -- Foy Brown, Sr., J. O. Brown & son, Inc. Yacht & Boatbuilders

bullet "From Frank Benson's painting Laddie, and the image of the little rocking boat at J.O. Brown's & Son Boat Shop comes a delightful tale of imagination and travel. A little boy named Laddie is given a rocking boat that his father made. He loves his rocking boat and takes it on many adventures. He travels out on the high seas, takes a trip to see relatives in Maui and then off to Japan to visit anime characters. He sailed around all the small islands of North Haven and then down to Florida. This is a delightful book about how a young child took a very special gift and turned it into a journey of imagination. For any child who can dream and any adult who can help them with that dream." -- Kate Quinn, Librarian, North Haven Public Library & North Haven Community School, Maine

Charlemagne to the Rescue

Charlemagne the Fish <sup>TM</sup>

Hi, I'm Charlemagne the FishTM!

Yay!!! My book has finally been published. Now you can order one or more for friends and children you know.

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Great Reviews!!

Charlemagne to the rescue is getting great reviews. Some of them are printed below.

bullet "There are times these days that we wonder about the values our kids are growing up with. Charlemagne to the Rescue teaches the reader that bravery and loyalty are good, challenges can be overcome and change can be good, and it does so in a colorful and entertaining way. It also provides helpful and practical tips for any would-be aquarist." -- Ron

bullet "This wonderfully illustrated and crisply written story allows the reader to experience pet fish life from a "first goldfish" perspective. Diana Patton's narrative and images explore and explain such important themes and topics as animal welfare, compassion, empathy, friendship, leadership, loyalty, and the human animal bond. Patton combines these important messages with basic aquariology and responsible pet fish care.

Any child lucky enough to read this book will finish with an enriched understanding of the world around them thanks to Patton's prose and artwork. Readers will learn that even scary challenges can be understood, and eventually surmounted, with the help of good communication skills, support of others, self confidence, and the willingness to accept and embrace change! " -- G. Lewbart

bullet "What a lovely treat for the young, curious and tender child's mind. Colorful and bright illustrations pop out from every page of this beautifully told story. If we spend more time with our kids sharing a book like this together, this world would be a better place to live for generation to come." -- Benz

bullet "Charlemagne to the Rescue is a gentle story of friendship and bravery as told through the eyes of a goldfish. Diana Patton's illustrations plunge readers into the watery world of a pet store aquarium, where fear of the net turns into a heartwarming life lesson." -- Karen


Why Charlemagne?

When asked why she wrote Charlemagne to the Rescue, Author/Illustrator Diana Patton said:

"Charlemagne was written because of my love for children and fishes. It is my hope that children will identify with Charlemagne and they might realize that in caring for others and acting for others' good, one is not only 'brave' but one can gain in self-esteem. Charlemagne forgets himself and his fears in helping his friends and by so doing, helps himself as well."

"Charlemagne also realizes that just because there is change, just because there is something new, it is not bad. New can be as good as the old, or even better. Children might identify with this situation whether it has to do with a new home, a new school, or even a new sibling or parent."

"Charlemagne can be read at school as a starting point for several subjects or discussions. Each book contains a "Lets Talk About It" Study Guide and Goldfish Care and Feeding instructions. I hate to hear that children bring home a goldfish as a prize at a fair and it dies soon after. If the basics of goldfish care are followed, the goldfish can live for years."

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